Hornet Leader - Cthulhu Expansion

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nous sommes en 2015... Des eaux froides du Pacifique sud, l'île légendaire de R'lyeh émerge des profondeurs avec le grand Cthulhu !

extension pour Hornet Leader. précommande.

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The year is 2015… from the chill waters of the South Pacific, the long-fabled Island of R’lyeh home to The Great Cthulhu rises from the depths. At long last, The Stars are Right, and the time of reckoning is upon the world.

Your carrier task force is in position to engage the hoards and overlords of the invasion as they spread across the globe.

You shall fight on the oceans.
You shall fight at the portals.
You shall fight in the skies over mankind’s greatest cities.
You shall never surrender!

Hornet Leader - The Cthulhu Conflict is an expansion to Hornet Leader. You must own Hornet Leader to use this expansion.

Key Design Features:
The inclusion of Insanity attacks against your pilots.

Adds the following Aircraft:

Adds the following Weapons:
B83 Nuclear Bomb

Adds the following Sites and Bandits:
Cthulhu Creature Bandits
Cthulhu Creature Sites
Cthulhu Emplaced Sites
Cultist Bandits
Cultist Sites

Component List:
56 Full Color Cards
1 Full Color Counter Sheet
3 Full Color Campaign sheets
Rule Sheet

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  • R. Marc
  •  le 03/06/2016
  • 5/5
Extension indispensable a hornet leader
  • S. Thierry
  •  le 08/11/2015
  • 5/5
produit neuf. Merci et je le recommande


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