Command at sea Supermarina I

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une référence du jeu de combat naval tactique 2de guerre mondiale par le créateur de Harpoon

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Description détaillée de "Command at sea Supermarina I"

lot comprenant le jeu Supermarina + son extension supermarina 2 + le "Supermarina Data Annex" détaillant les navires et avions.

jeu en anglais de Clash of Arms

description éditeur :

While Rommel's Afrika Korps was capturing the attention of the world, it's fate was being decided in the Mediterranean. No matter how good the general and his troops, without the supplies and equipment necessary to fight, the struggle could not be won. Supermarina I concerns itself with the struggle for naval supremacy in the Mediterranean Sea, the vital supply link for the Axis forces in North Africa.

Supermarina I is a tactical naval combat game system utilizing award winning designer Larry Bond's Command At Sea rules system and is the first of a projected three part treatment of the naval war in the Mediterranean. Supermarina I contains a 64 page Scenario Book with 20 scenarios covering the action from the war's start through June, 1941. The ships represented in the scenarios range from E-Boats to aircraft carriers and battleships (140 total ships). The ship and aircraft Data Annex (96 pages) covers all the units present in the first half of the war. Over 400 aircraft and ship die-cut counters are included. Additionally , you get the 3rd Edition Standard Rules (128 pages) punched for a three ring binder. A jump-start scenario and a scenario generator are also included in this boxed set.

Supermarina II, Volume 4 in Larry Bond's Command at Sea series portrays the apex of the struggle for naval supremacy in the Mediterranean, the vital supply link for both the Axis and Allied sides in North Africa.

Containing two dozen new scenarios, Supermarina II shows the full range of operations that were the naval war in the Mediterranean Sea. Covering the period from July of 1941 to August of 1942, Supermarina II details everything - from U-boat attacks on battleships and aircraft carriers, to all out big-gun fleet engagements between battleships and cruisers.

Look at what's inside:

Several scenarios that are highly suitable for solitaire play.
Campaign scenarios depicting the many vicious Malta convoy battles,
including Operations Harpoon, Pedestal, Vigorous and Halberd.
The classic surface engagements of First and Second Sirte, as well as the battles of the Malta striking forces.

  • Rules: Suitable for novice or expert.
  • Players: Two to Twelve (the more the merrier)
  • Set Up Maps: Included
  • Scenarios: Twenty-Four
  • Historical Briefings: Included
  • Designers: John D. Gresham and Michael Markowitz

the ship and data annex :

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