ATS Expansion pack 6 Killing Fields

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extension pour ATS comprenant scénarios, overlay, véhicules...

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The ATS war has been quiet. Too quiet. But that's about to change as exciting new fighting machines, scenarios and overlays are about to hit the street to keep you focused before the release of ATS PELELIU. Can you say "Diana"? Big honking Italian gun on a big Fiat truck? How about massive ESCARPMENT OVERLAY that measures almost two feet long?

We knew you could! Are you ready for some new die-cut counters to go along with that new overlay? We think you are and thank you for continuing to build your ATS collections while new product has been in development. The brand new TOBRUK EXPANSION PACK 6: KILLING FIELDS includes more action from the Battle of El Alamein, with a starring role played by Matidla Scorpion mine-clearing AFVs (new counters provided). The Battle of Sidi Rezegh is featured, and brings the new ESCARPMENT OVERLAY into play for the first time (new overlay provided). And we know you feel the urge to wield an Italian 102mm naval gun mounted on a truck bed at Bir el Gubi so a counter for that vehicle is also provided on the new sheet!

TOBRUK EXPANSION PACK 6: KILLING FIELDS includes a massive new 22" long Escarpment overlay, an escarpment road overlay, a sheet of new color die-cut overlay counters, plus 12 scenarios for owners of ADVANCED TOBRUK that are sure to use the new toys!

  • 12 scenarios printed on the usual buff (tan) TOBRUK stock
  • A sheet of new AFV counters
  • AFV Cards for the new AFV counters
  • Cover sheet
  • A giant new Escarpment Overlay
  • Escarpment road overlay
  • A snazzy Ziploc® style bag to keep it all in


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