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Axis Empires : Dai Senso !

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Axis Empires : Dai Senso !
  • Axis Empires : Dai Senso !
  • Axis Empires : Dai Senso !

Dai Senso utilise le système de Totaler Krieg pour simuler le front Pacifique. Les deux jeux peuvent être combinés pour simuler toute la seconde guerre mondiale de 1937 à 1945.

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Dai Senso:  Axis Empires. At last, the popular Totaler Krieg system travels to the Pacific. Dai Senso is the long-awaited game on the war against Japan. It can be linked with Totaler Krieg: Axis Empires to play all of WW2, from the 1937 China Incident to the 1945 A-bombs and beyond. Dai Senso takes a different look at the Pacific Theater. Other games focus on the war's air-naval operations from 1941 on. In the Krieg system, those battles are handled abstractly, which leaves Dai Senso free to focus on the strategic decisions and historical alternatives. What if the 1937 China Incident hadn't become a full-scale war? What if Japan renewed its treaty with Britain? What if the 1939 border clashes with Russia had led to war? What if the war in Europe had unfolded differently?

This game stretches from the border clashes at Marco Polo Bridge and Nomonhan to the titanic battles of Midway, Guadalcanal and Leyte, to the firestorms of Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and everything in between. No game tells the story of World War II in Asia and the Pacific like Dai Senso!

Dai Senso! takes the playable, unpredictable and enjoyable Krieg! system used for World War II in Europe and adapts it to tell the story of Japan’s struggle from a unique perspective. Most other Pacific wargames focus on the operational aspects of the 1941-45 war. DS starts in 1937 for a true strategic experience from the beginning of World War II in Asia. As the leader of imperial Japan, and seeking complete domination (“hakko ichiu”), will you strike at China or Russia or the British Empire or the United States? Whichever you choose, you must eventually face the grim struggle of total war. All of these options are literally in the cards that form the strategy for the major powers.

 Best of all, Dai Senso!  can be played linked with its new European companion game, Totaler Krieg!, to play the joint Axis Empires scenario, a global eye opening look at all of World War II. The fate of the world is in your hands!

 * Dai Senso!  means Total War in Japanese. Total War refers to the moment in the game when play moves from Limited War with its combination of mobilization, maneuver, and diplomacy to Total War with it’s all out warfare to achieve victory.

Alan Emrich, Thomas Prowell, Sal Vasta, et al.


            Two 22 x 34 inch maps

            560 counters

            200 cards

            A 64-page rulebook

            A 24-page scenario book

            Play aids and force pool displays


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