World at War America Conquered

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America Conquered est un module World at War complet. Les débris des forces US et de l'OTAN affrontent les armées soviétiques et leurs alliées latino-américaines.


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The nukes have flown, and darkness has spread across the globe. Yet the missiles didn’t bring the apocalypse many had predicted. Rather than total, the exchange of nuclear-tipped missiles was limited. Rather than complete, the destruction was merely crippling. Now the war continues, fought with a strange mixture of equipment—some of it more suited to a museum, some of it fresh off the assembly line.

And the war continues on America’s own soil. Devastated by the nuclear exchange, the remnants of America’s once mighty military, aided by a smattering of their NATO allies, fight against a horde of ravenous predators including Cuba, Nicaragua, and their Central/Southern American allies, hoping against hope to hold their country until the last vestiges of their mighty European army returns home.

Command formations of Nicaraguan T-72s against American M-48s, fight Cuban T-62s with Canadian Centurions, and battle against Soviet Spetsnaz with the indomitable French Foreign Legion. America Conquered introduces airboats that fly over river and swamp alike, Texan cavalry that ride disrupted infantry into the ground, mixed-equipment platoons that allow gamers to split their units to take advantage of their unique equipment, and American fanatics that will kill themselves rather than lose their country. New terrain includes swamps, sparse/destroyed city, and much more.

World at War : America Conquered
is a complete World at War module.

The game includes:

- FOUR 11” x 17” mounted map boards. A unique combination of Texas desert, Florida swamp, Florida beach, and American urban.
- 528 colorful counters representing the armed forces of the United States of America, Canada, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, and more.
- Twelve scenarios that tell the story of the invasion of America.
- Rules booklet and player-aid card.
- Dice.


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