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Kingdom of Heaven - The Crusader States 1097-1291 est un wargame "card driven" simulant les conflits liés aux croisades, évenements aléatoire et diplomatie rythmeront les neuf scénarios disponibles dont la majorité est jouable en une séance de jeu.

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In 1097, thousands of lords and knights, soldiers and camp-followers, pilgrims and prophets marched east in response to a Papal appeal, charged with the task of restoring Jerusalem and the Holy Land to Christian control. Their surprising victory led to the creation of the first overseas European colonies and the reshaping of Muslim power in the Middle East. The repercussions of their journey continue to live with us today.

In Kingdom of Heaven - The Crusader States 1097-1291 (KOH) two players use cards to activate forces, trigger random events, conduct diplomacy or prosecute siege warfare on a vast arena stretching from Antioch to Cairo and from Cyprus to Mosul.

Nine scenarios cover all the major campaigns of the era, from the First, Second and Third Crusades to the Mongol invasion and the rise of the Mamluk Empire. In addition to the ‘basic deck,’ each scenario adds different cards representing historical events unique to that campaign. Turns are yearly, and most scenarios can be finished in 3-4 hours.

Kingdom of Heaven - The Crusader States 1097-1291 contains:

  • 1 22x34” cardstock map 
  • 110 “poker quality” playing cards
  • 528 5/8” counters
  • 24 page rule book
  • 24 page scenario book

Kingdom of Heaven - The Crusader States 1097-1291 was designed by Scott de Brestian, developed by Neil Randall, and features the art of Niko Eskubi and Mark Mahaffey



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