Roads to Moscow

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Roads to Moscow est un wargame pour deux joueurs consacré à deux batailles ayant eu lieu en octobre 1941 au moment de l'offensive vers Moscou, à l'échelle du bataillon et de la compagnie.

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Roads to Moscow is a two-player game depicting battles in the Soviet Union during the drive on Moscow in October 1941. The two separate battles shown in this game are named for the main objective city on each map, Mozhaysk to the west of Moscow, and Mtsensk to the south. Perhaps the most dramatic of the many desperate battles fought in front of Moscow, these two battles combined all the elements of the great struggle. The Germans have an excellent fighting machine but are short on fuel and time. They must capture their objectives on a tight schedule or snow and mud will end their offensive. The Soviets are down to the rearward remnants of their once immense armies. If the Soviets can avoid being encircled by the fast moving German forces, high quality reinforcements from the Far East may finally allow them to stop the German advance


· 528 5/8" counters
· One 34x22 full color backprinted mapsheet
· Rulebook
· Playbook
· 5 Player Aid Cards
· One ten-sided die

TIME SCALE 12 hours per turn  
MAP SCALE 1.4 km per hex

UNIT SCALE Battalions and Companies


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